Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Liberhan has rightly included Vajpayee

Liberhan has rightly included Vajpayee among the guilty .Mr. Vajpayee may be ranked among the cleverest politicians for his ability to gain supporters even among the communist leaders.But what Kuldeep Nayar observes makes it clear how far the defence of Vajpayee by Mr. Bardhan is from the obvious and the magnitude of foolishness in the the CPI leader's moves.Kuldeep Nayar says:

"That L.K. Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi, the other two BJP leaders, were co-conspirators was known on December 6, 1992, itself.The surprising name for me is that of Vajpayee. I would have been indulgent towards him if I had not seen a clip of his speech. A television network showed it on the day a Delhi paper had published the leaked report. Vajpayee said on December 5, one day before the demolition of the masjid, at Lucknow that the ground would be "levelled" and a yangya (religious celebration) held at that place.

The commission has said that the destruction of the masjid was "preventable." Advani could have done it. But all of them, "pseudo-moderates" as the commission has described them, knew about what was happening and were "not innocent of wrongdoing."

A report in a paper says ," Observing that BJP patriarch Atal Bihari Vajpayee was not a culprit in the demolition of the Babri mosque, CPI leader A B Bardhan on Tuesday said former prime minister P V Narasimha Rao also could not be exonerated on the issue."
Mr. Bardhan is well known for his demagougic and perverted statements and his active role in subverting the national democratic revolution for whose advance congress communist cooperation was the precondition.All those who were in the CPI in those crucial years of the eighties know wery well how aggressively he tried to make CPI a follower of CPM.It does not much political education to understand that the absence of cooperation among the national forces provided fertile ground for the communal forces.CPI and CPM leadership was busy in those years to finish congress.For this they were even going to the extent of cooperating with BJP in the name of opposition unity.Can left parties be exonerated for their role in generating instability in those years which resulted in the assasination of Rajiv (and it created a leadership vaccum in which retired Narsimha Rao had a chance to lead the country and it proved a boon for the fascist hindutava forces).

Mr. Bardhan is in the habit of passing judements about political personalities -very easy.He says CPM leadership is responsible for worst ever performance of left parties in the general elections and recent assembly and by polls.But what he will say about himself and his role in reducing a glorious party(CPI) insuch a miserable condition.Once he boasted in a meeting in punjab in early eighties ,"I have finished Dange in Maharashtra."One comrade from Kotkpura asked," Along with Dange have you finished the party too ?"
Now he is defenting Vajpayee who is on you tube instigating the babri demolition.No doubt he is the master in the art of oratory and uses all the possible twists and turns of language but his provocative work is really effective.Such mukhota leaders are always more effective in a situation where emotions pervail.
In the case of not protecting the structure all the secular forces are in the dock.Even now they are not doing the necessary for saving the nation from more national shames.